Well deserved, mourners will be inducted into wWE’s 2022 Hall of Fame!

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The undertaker is one of the most popular characters in WWE history.When he first appeared in the ring, his bizarre retro look became a hit with wrestling fans, and for a long time the mourners were WWE’s top superstars.After years of physical wear and tear, the undertaker’s ring career was over.But he can still attend wrestlemania as a guest.WWE will host wrestlemania in Dallas this year, and the mourner will be honored in his hometown, WWE announced that the mourner will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in Dallas.”The mourners will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame on Saturday, April 2, in a ceremony at the American Airlines Center in Dallas.In addition, for the first time ever, WWE will host both the SD show and the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony in 2022 at the American Airlines Center, where fans in attendance will be able to see both shows in person.Additional 2022 WWE Hall of Fame inductees will be announced in the near future.”The mourners deserve to be in the Hall of Fame.He was not only a WWE superstar, but also a pop culture icon of his time.After making his WWE debut in the 1990 Survival of the Strong tournament, the Undertaker won nearly all of WWE’s major championships and participated in some of the most memorable matches in history during his illustrious 30-year career.The mourners also set wrestlemania’s historic 21-year unbeaten streak, a record that will probably never be broken.After learning that the mourner would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, the mourner’s brother Kane, who played the role of the mourner’s younger brother during his time with WWE, was quick to congratulate the mourner.”Congratulations to the mourners on being inducted into the Hall of Fame!No one, and I mean no one, is more deserving.The mourners are a legend, bigger than WWE.The man behind the character is equally impressive!I’m so excited!Congratulations!!”In addition, many fans are concerned about the introduction of the mourner hall of Fame. In an interview with the media, the mourner revealed that he already had a suitable candidate, but could not name the person in case he prepared an excuse to refuse.For someone as big as the undertaker, his references are likely to be from Vince McMann or Caine.Vince McMann, a WWE boss with a fairly high profile in the wrestling world and a longtime friend of the mourners, couldn’t have made a better introduction.Mr Cayne, the mourner’s brother, is now a politician and well-regarded enough to be an undertaker.We will have to wait until April 2 to find out who the mourners’ referrals will be.Who do you think it could be?Let me know in the comments section.Finally, let’s congratulate the mourners on their induction into the Hall of Fame.”Congratulations, mourner, great legend!”