Tesla Model 3 first owners: Battery life drops by 2.2% after 4 years and 160,000 km

2022-04-28 0 By

The battery life of electric vehicles has always been one of the most concerned about the owners, many car fans and friends have such a point of view, although now only charging without refueling, the car is very economical, but the later battery attenuation for battery, you have to bleed a wave, fuel money is not more expensive.But would you believe a Tesla Model 3 that, after driving 160,000 kilometers for four years, had a battery decay of just 2.2 percent?Andy Slye, an electric car advocate and one of the first owners of tesla’s Model 3, said he has logged 100,000 miles since he bought the long-range rear-drive Model 3 four years ago.The owner posted a video reviewing the Model 3’s performance over 100,000 miles, and said the car’s battery only lost 2.2% of its range after 100,000 miles.When he bought it, it was rated at 310 miles, and it still has 303 miles on a full charge.Given the battery’s only 2.2 percent life span decay after four years, the Owner of the Model 3 said he currently doesn’t expect to replace the battery for a decade.In addition, the most famous tesla high-mileage car in the world is the Model S P85 driven by German Hans-Jurge-Gemingen, who bought it in 2014.As of early January 2022, the Model S had driven 1.5 million kilometers, and it was previously reported that on its way to reaching its goal of 1 million kilometers,This Model S P85 has undergone three battery changes, four motor changes, two 12V batteries, one rear shock absorber, one front axle, one touch screen changes, etc.The first one went 290,000 kilometers.The second, a battery tesla lent him, traveled 250,000 kilometers.The third battery has travelled 460,000 kilometres and is still 86 per cent full.In addition, the last maintenance was at 900,000 km and no maintenance was carried out after that for 100,000 km.The car is still under warranty and the actual repair cost is 13,000 euros (about 100,000 yuan).