Restaurant local specialties

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Greedy pig treasure raw materials: pig treasure 500 grams, green millet pepper 100 grams, garlic 50 grams, wild mountain pepper 50 grams, salt 4 grams, chicken essence 4 grams, MONOsodium glutamate 2 grams, spicy fresh dew 4 ml, cooking wine 5 ml, rape oil, chicken oil 50 ml each, pepper oil 4 ml, sesame oil 2 ml, lotus petals appropriate production: 1.Change pig treasure knife and taste for 5 minutes, then wash.Cut green millet pepper and wild mountain pepper into sections and set aside.2. Put the vegetable oil and chicken oil in the pot until it is 50% hot, then put in the pig treasure and garlic. When the pig treasure is 80% ripe, put in the green millet pepper section, wild mountain pepper section, salt, chicken essence, MONOsodium glutamate, spicy fresh dew and cooking wine.Description: Pig treasure is also known as the first knife dish, which is more common in folk dishes.Eel vermicelli raw materials: 400 grams of soil eel, 300 grams of local red shao vermicelli, 40 grams of celery grains, 30 grams of onion balls, 50 grams of garlic, 1 scoop of bean paste, scallion, Pepper, bubble pepper, white sugar, vinegar, MONOsodium glutamate, chicken essence, water starch, pepper oil, sesame oil, rapeseed oil each appropriate production: 1.Soil eel treatment net cut into sections.Heat the wok, add rapeseed oil and cook until 70% hot, add eel segments, fry until the skin is bubbling, remove the wok and set aside.2. Reserve the oil in the wok, add in the bean paste, Chinese pepper, pickled pepper and celery and stir-fry until fragrant. Then add in water and bring to boil.Stir in monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, white sugar and old vinegar, stir in a little water starch, heat and collect juice until the sauce is red and bright, drizzle in pepper oil and sesame oil, sprinkle with scallion and serve.Raw materials: 20 shrimps, 2 fresh lemons, 2 grams of salt, 5 grams of tomato sauce, 30 grams of sugar, fresh soup.Blanch large shrimps in a pot of boiling water and remove. Cut each shrimp one by one across the belly (head to tail, down to the back of the shrimp).Slice one lemon and place it on the bottom of a plate. Squeeze the juice from another lemon.2. Put salad oil in a wok and fry shrimps until they are 80% hot. Pour out and drain.3. Leave a little oil in the wok, add tomato sauce and stir fry, then add half spoon of fresh soup, add the fried shrimps to boil, add salt, sugar and fresh lemon juice to taste, at the same time, use high heat to reduce the juice, and finally pour the oil into the wok.4. Arrange the seasoned prawns in pairs on a plate lined with fresh lemon slices and drizzle with the remaining prawns sauce.Note: This dish is sweet and sour taste, the sour taste mainly comes from lemon, and the tomato sauce plays the role of color enhancement and acid enhancement, the amount should not be large, in order not to cover the lemon flavor.Make honey bean double crisp: 1. Put palm treasure in basin, add ginger slice, scallion section and water soap mix well marinate 1 hour, rinse with running water.Add salt, oyster sauce, custard powder, sugar and garlic powder to marinate and set aside.Pour the honey beans into a pan of boiling water with oil and salt. Scald and remove.3. Put salad oil in the wok, until it is 50% hot, put it in the palm and then pour it out to drain the oil.4. Heat the chicken oil in the pot, fry the garlic rice first, fry the honey beans a few times, pour into the palm treasure and add salt, MONOsodium glutamate and chicken powder to taste, to be fried out of the pot and plate, sprinkle into the amber peach meat.Ma Dao Overlord rabbit raw materials: water hair sweet potato vermicity 200 grams, peas 80 grams, oil residue 50 grams, water salt vegetable 50 grams, 2 eggs, wild mountain pepper 20 grams, ginger rice, garlic rice, scallion, salt, MONOsodium glutamate, chicken essence, pepper, bone soup, melted lard, salad oil appropriate production: 1.The rabbit leg meat cut into small pieces, basin to add dry green pepper face, salt, cooking wine and other pickled taste, add a little dry starch mix well, then under the hot frying pan to crisp inside cooked, pour out to drain oil for use.2. Put the oil in the pot and heat it up. Put the dry green pepper, green two jingshou chili pepper section, green onion section and mala sauce and fry it until it is fragrant.This dish mainly highlights the numbing aroma of dried green pepper and the fresh scent of green pepper. The rabbit meat is crisp outside and tender inside, with a long aftertaste.Cumin Jing-style fried lamb with mutton has a certain smell. In order to alleviate the smell, we use flower carving wine to soak a variety of spices, and then use the wine to pickle the lamb. This can not only get rid of the smell of mutton, but also help to increase the flavor.Make: 1. Lamb brain meat 300 grams of water 1 hour, out cut into 2 cm square small.2. Wash the spices (angelica dahurica 2 grams, woody, amomum, clove, galangal, cinnamon 1 gram each), control the water and then put them into the bowl, pour 100 grams of flower carving wine and soak for 30 minutes, remove the spices, add mutton and mix well, marinate for 30 minutes, then add 4 grams of salt, wet starch and egg white 15 grams each and mix well.3. Put 1 kg of salad oil into the pot and heat it until it is 40 to 40 percent hot. Then put in the mutton quick lubricating oil until it is 70 percent mature.4. Add 30 grams of salad oil into the pot, and when it is half hot, add 100 grams of dried shallots, 75 grams of garlic seeds and 50 grams of scallions until fragrant, add 2 grams of cumin seeds and fry until fragrant, add diced lamb and 5 grams of red pepper slices and stir well over the fire, pour in 2 grams of oyster sauce and season, then pour in 2 grams of shallot oil, and turn over the spoon and serve.This is a house cooking dish, the waiter first prepared soup, base and raw materials to show the guests, and then cooked at the table for the guests after the table.Cooking: 1. Put oil in the pot and heat it up. First, fry ginger rice, garlic rice, pickled pepper and wild pepper until fragrant.2. Heat the pot with oil, add ginger rice, garlic rice, wild mountain pepper, pickled pickled cabbage and pickled radish, fry fragrant and then add fresh soup to boil out flavor, hit the slag before putting salt, MONOsodium glutamate, chicken essence and pepper powder, make sour and spicy base soup to be used.3. Put the cured frog, pig brain flower and nine-belly fish in a wooden box, pour the sour and spicy soup into a stainless steel pot, and serve with the braising sauce, scallions and coriander.After the presentation to the guests, the waiter will pour the base material into the pot, boil it, then add three kinds of raw materials and cook it, sprinkle with scallions and coriander, and then serve it to the table for the guests to eat.