Hand-knotted silk carpet sends out elegant special breath, it is incomparable to general carpet

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Silk has the strongest strength of any natural fiber.Silk is essential for creating high-quality carpets with attention to detail.Other fibers are too coarse to serve their purpose.Silk is a smooth, soft, lustrous material with natural beauty and luster.Pure silk carpets, knotted by hand, are noted for their softness and fine workmanship.The number of knots per square inch determines the quality of the carpet.These extremely fine carpets were made in a variety of fancy designs and had very complicated curved patterns.Silk carpet is in the adornment of household, the household that can enhance a space is decorated and interior design.The high quality and craftsmanship value of a handmade silk rug is determined by size, quality, number of knots per square inch, complexity of workmanship and design pattern, number of tracks, pattern, pattern, material used to make the rug, and cycle of weaving.The most distinctive features of hand-knotted carpets are their extraordinary gloss and soft, soft nap.Only with tight knot density, filament knots and the best quality materials can produce this effect.This requires manual skills with years of weaving experience.Real silk carpets exude a special grace.Exquisitely patterned into intricate shapes, the whole story unfolds from the lover’s eyes.Centuries ago, the allure of hand-knotted silk carpets attracted European travelers and merchants.It was this passion that brought fine art to Europe.Even today, silk carpets are one of the best materials for floor coverings.These silk carpets are characterized by their unique materials and perfect craftsmanship.Unusual patterns apply to a variety of different living and furniture styles.In addition to complex manufacturing processes, all of our products require extensive quality control by experienced inspectors.We guarantee that the carpets are made from high-end natural raw materials and traditional special processing techniques.Only after it passes the inspection, the carpet is packed and shipped to distributors and customers around the world.