Country ping 2 veteran official declare love!One of them is sun Yingsha friends, quit the national team is not the end

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Taking advantage of the important day of valentine’s Day, the country Ping 2 veteran official declared love, respectively is out of the national team matt and Gu Yuting.Matt and his girlfriend posted pictures of their valentine’s Day activities on social media, showing their love, buying a model race car and eating a big dinner.Two people stand together very suitable, Matt and his girlfriend also have a certain height difference, is undoubtedly enviable love.Even when he was playing for his country, Matt did not delay his love.As one of the few choppers in China Ping, Matt has been working as a training partner for the national team and won the gold medal of mixed doubles in the Simulated Olympic Games last year.But at nearly 30, Matt’s career has come to an end and he has officially retired from international football.However, Matt will participate in the table Tennis Super League and the National Games in the future, and has no plans to leave the game completely for the time being.It’s a good thing for a player like Matt, who hasn’t played regularly, to leave the national team.With a partner on his path now, Matt won’t feel alone.Although his career has not been particularly outstanding, Matt still has a large number of fans, valentine’s Day news is widely followed.Besides, Matt often watches his teammates’ matches and does not turn his attention to table tennis. He does not rule out continuing to work in table tennis in the future.With a date, there will be marriage news. Look forward to Matt’s surprise again.It is also surprising that Gu yuting officially announced her relationship on social media.As a good friend of Sun Yingsha, Gu Yuting also helped her friend train last year and participated in international competitions on behalf of China Ping.As Ding Ning and Liu Shiwen and other veteran withdrawal, this thought Gu Yuting can usher in the upper opportunity.As a result, Gu Yuting announced her retirement from the national team, which means that her career at the national team level ended ahead of schedule.Gu Yuting and Matt’s situation is similar, are in the national team can not play the main force, continue to stay in the national team is not meaningful.Judging from the photos gu posted, her boyfriend does not look like an athlete. Wearing glasses, he looks slightly mature and should be older than Gu.But Gu Yuting’s face is filled with a happy smile, can quickly find a destination in life after quitting the national team, Gu Yuting is also a big winner in life.And Gu Yuting sent a lot of characters to share their love, it seems to be to experience love moist.Although fans feel sorry for Gu yuting’s retirement from the national team, they can be relieved to see her life now.Quitting the national team is not the end of her career. Gu yuting is not old enough to play in the Paris table Tennis League.Many Chinese ping players quit the national team, but do not choose to retire, which is also a new mode to explore.In any case, Matt and Gu Yuting are officially declared love after quitting the national team, life has ushered in a new stage, worthy of congratulations!