Blue File: Zero Krypton ugly old EX for the first time to enjoy (with salted fish experience)

2022-04-28 0 By

Not easy ah I this humble box, eating mitsui are only so a few burst output, crazy tilt has been spelled out of Samsung.As I am missing output didn’t practice of friends can be on my way to the first team big luo (if you have), the effect should be and the outbreak of role, after all is main water hina, hina put more EX damage repair back, if and my big she anemia as early as a shield transposed mocked by a dog, the dog shield should walk twice, the first time the right person,The second time.Go to small red near to help Si Da Luo bear injury (general dog shield for a while change the clip will automatically go for the second time, can also be a small nurse manual pull in the past), ring ye blast 7 laps, the other is to try to save the dog shield EX EX put Hina EX.The second stage is nothing to say, the single BOSS pile is finished, my catalpa team played a 500W head, and then other color team pile corpse, miscellaneous fish team pay attention to the BOSS sword, and then break armor respectively can use the world EX and egg EX, everyone come on.