Are new energy vehicles hard to charge?Jinshan this community to do so

2022-04-28 0 By

Parking has always been a difficult problem for many community management. At the same time, with the popularity of new energy vehicles, the charging problem of new energy vehicles has become a problem for many residents.Jinwan residential area of Shanyang Town actively strives for parking space sharing from surrounding business circles, and installs shared charging piles to alleviate the problems of residents’ difficulty in parking and charging.The reporter came to the parking lot next to the blue village in the golden area of shanyang town and saw eight of them newly installed charging pile.Fan Auntie, a resident, told the reporter that the charging problem has been bothering her family since her son bought a new energy car.Aunt Fan, Resident of Jinwan Residential Area, Shanyang Town, said, “My son didn’t know that at first, he always had to drive around and charge his car in the countryside. Now he is happy to know that the shared charging pile is convenient.”The reporter learned that because the temporary parking space in the residential area does not allow residents to install private charging piles, charging problems have been plaguing many new energy owners.In order to alleviate the difficulty of charging for residents and increase parking Spaces as much as possible, Jinwan residential area actively negotiates with surrounding business circles to install 8 shared charging piles, and rents parking Spaces in this area to residents at the price of residential rental space.Weng Haichuan, a staff member of Jinwan Neighborhood Committee in Shanyang Town, said, “At present, the shared charging piles are only in this area, and they will be set up in other places later.This year, we will push forward again because of the demand.”The reporter | pinky NiYanQing correspondent | Liu Shihan edit | Liu Jiayuan