What’s with the asterisk on the travel card?Should I quarantine?Hunan CDC experts respond to hot issues

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Changsha Evening News palm changsha January 25, according to hunan Daily news travel card green but asterisk (*) is how to return a responsibility?Quarantine for 14 days or return the same way?How does Hunan control the personnel entering hunan from medium and high risk areas?How to manage health code?Today, hu Shixiong, chief of the Communication and prevention Department of Hunan Center for Disease Control and Prevention, answered the hot issue of epidemic prevention that people are concerned about.Green code with star will not “one size fits all” shi-xiong hu is introduced, the current communication travel card is green, the asterisk said in the past 14 days visited city in the existing medium or high risk areas, such as the current Beijing, Shanghai, tianjin, zhengzhou city), but that doesn’t mean actually visited the moderate and high-risk areas.Instead of containing the names of cities in moderate and high-risk areas marked in red, trip cards will now include moderate and high-risk areas in parentheses after the city name.These notes are for travel purposes only and have nothing to do with health conditions.Specific control policies should follow the local joint prevention and control mechanism.Do you have an asterisk in your green travel card for 14 days or return the same way?Shi-xiong hu said, in hunan province will not only according to the communication card is under quarantine, monitoring measures that occupy the home, but will be combined with hunan health code, for “star” flow, confirm whether has been in high risk areas or traffic control area is closed, if there is a risk, such as who tested positive trajectory cross condition, and not “one size fits all”.The measures may be home isolation or concentrated observation, home health monitoring or self-health monitoring, and special prevention and control measures may not be required.But by March 15, 2022, the satellite carrier will have to undergo a nucleic acid test within 24 hours of landing in Hunan.High-risk areas in hunan personnel control points in the high risk area to (return) xiang staff and local community spread risk in the risk area (return) to hunan personnel, implementing the centralized 14 days or home quarantine medical observation, 1, 3, 7, 10, 14 days for a nucleic acid detection, the 14th day of nucleic acid testing should be collection of nasopharyngeal swabs and oropharyngeal swabs,Different nucleic acid detection reagents were used for detection by different detection institutions.High risk area county (city, area, flag counties and municipalities directly under the central government) to (return) xiang staff and local community spread risk in the risk area county (city, district, banner) to (return) hunan personnel, implementing the centralized 7 days or home quarantine and home health monitoring, 7 days 1, 3, 7, 10, 14 days for a nucleic acid detection.High risk area in city, municipality directly under the central government (local, state, and union of the county) other county (city, district, banner) to local communities (return), hunan personnel, the risk of spreading risk area is located in the city (local, state, and au) other county (city, district, flag) to (return), hunan personnel, risk area is located in the county (city, district, flag) (back) to hunan,Seven days of home health monitoring and seven days of self-health monitoring were carried out, and nucleic acid tests were carried out on the first, third, seventh and 14th days.People from other counties (cities, districts and banners) in the cities (prefectures, prefectures, leagues and municipalities directly under the Central Government) in the risk areas shall undergo self-health monitoring for 14 days, and nucleic acid testing shall be performed on the first, seventh and 14th days.Source unknown infection cases and have potential risk for the community spread of cities (districts of municipalities directly under the central government) or county/district, flag, municipality directly under the central government in the streets and town) (back) to hunan, home health monitoring for 3 days (3 days 2 inspection) and 11 days self health monitoring, 1, 3, 14 days for nucleic acid detection, 3 days home health monitoring during the implementation of “three days”.With indigenous cases (asymptomatic infection), but has not yet been defined as high risk areas prefecture, municipality directly under the central government (state, au) (back) to the history of the counties in hunan, self health monitoring for 14 days, in 3 days before the implementation of “three days two check” (two times test shall be 24 hours), 7, 14 days for a nucleic acid detection respectively.People with travel history in the containment area or the control area and with crossed paths shall be quarantined for 14 days. Nucleic acid test shall be conducted on the first, third, seventh, tenth and fourteenth days respectively. Nucleic acid test shall be conducted at least three times (with an interval of 24 hours) from the day they leave the containment area or get out of contact.The health code is not the only basis for epidemic prevention management and service measures, but an important tool to alert people to possible risks, Hu said.All localities should carry out epidemiological investigation on people with abnormal health codes, and take epidemic prevention services according to law and regulations based on the results of epidemiological investigation and individual commitment, instead of isolation based on health codes alone.For personnel information inconsistent with the risk level pushed, health code transcoding responsibility shall be implemented and health code transcoding shall be carried out for relevant personnel in a timely manner.Those who are confirmed to be in the red health code after epidemiological investigation should, in principle, undergo diagnosis and treatment and medical observation in designated medical institutions or centralized isolation places. Under special circumstances, they can be quarantined at home for medical observation after being approved by county-level COVID-19 prevention and control headquarters.Health code inspection units found red code personnel, the first time to report or transfer to the local community or county disease control and prevention center.People with yellow health code should take nucleic acid tests as soon as possible, and those who develop COVID-19-related symptoms, such as fever and cough, themselves or their co-residents should report to the community immediately.In principle, they should not go out before eliminating the risk of infection. If they really need to go out, they should hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours. However, they are not allowed to participate in gathering activities such as dinner parties, exhibitions, tourism and training, enter specific institutions such as schools, nursing homes and welfare homes, and enter wholesale markets, farmers’ markets and supermarkets.Do not enter libraries, museums, art galleries, exhibition halls, fitness centers and other indoor venues; do not enter cinemas, theaters, song and dance halls, bathrooms, Internet cafes and other closed places; do not take taxis, online ride-hailing, buses, subways, trains and other public transport vehicles; do not enter medical institutions unless you need medical treatment.When you need to go out, take personal protection if you want to get daily supplies, express delivery or participate in non-gathering activities.