The woman dismisses the family is poor, marries when conceals the father, the father comes to the scene of the wedding scene to see cry everybody

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“I’m going to buy some oranges.You stay here. Don’t move.””I see that he was wearing black skullcap, wearing big black cloth mandarin jacket and dark blue cotton, mouch to railway tracks, lean on a disjuncture slowly, old father to son of love and caring, seemingly plain but is better than thousands of words, so pure zhi unadorned feelings, is also a” shadow “in textbook tradition for years.Some people say that a parent’s love for a child is a deep instinct, always accompanied by dedication and selflessness.The same is true of the old man in the online video, but the way he appears is a little more poignant.It was a man of more than 60 years old, wearing the most common T-shirt jacket, back and sweat left after labor, slippers can also be seen the vicissitudes of life, his smile nowhere to put, the steps towards the wedding stage is more restrained.Finally, he handed the red envelopes tightly to the bride and groom, which moved all the people present.Married is his own daughter, but he is from the daughter’s classmate mouth just know all this, sitting under the stage, only silently looking at, without a reproach.Clearly is the biological father, why the daughter did not even inform him of the marriage, what is hidden in this?This old man called Sun, lost his parents at an early age, became an orphan, in the uncle’s care to grow up, the family poverty, a lifetime of loess back to the sky, when the slack to go to the site nearby odd jobs.Because the family is too poor, nearly 40 years old and a mental problems of the woman married.After marriage, she gave birth to a daughter, Xiao Ling, who was the bride in the wedding.Xiaoling’s mother had mental problems and drowned when she was two years old.Sun had no preference for boys and was satisfied with having a child. He also felt sorry for her loss of her mother when she was young. He also felt like a pearl and treasure to Xiaoling.He was uneducated, could not help her academically, and did not require much of her, as long as she grew up in peace.Just lose mother’s child, the heart is always more sensitive and exquisite, father is a rough man, when Sun mou does not know, she also has a lot of grievance.Her mother was mentally disturbed and became the child of a single parent. The taunts she endured as she grew up, as well as those unintentional and unintentional stares, were also a scar in her childhood that no amount of father’s love could heal.Therefore, after graduating from junior high school, Xiaoling desperately wanted to escape from her family of origin and the village that was not very friendly to her.She went to Fujian to work with her fellow villagers. A few years later, she met the groom.Although the groom and she are from the same county, but different villages, know nothing about her past, only that she is a single parent family, mother died early.After dating for several years, they recognized each other and decided to get married.However, Xiaoling still did not want to mention her family. Before their marriage, the groom had also proposed to visit his father-in-law, but Xiaoling refused to do so because her father was stupid and she could make her own decisions.Why did Xiaoling do that?There are no more than two reasons: one is self-abasement, feel that their family is poor, the mother has mental problems, afraid of the husband’s family after knowing will be disliked;Second, her father is a “local”, no culture, will lose her face.The family of origin is the shadow xiaoling always hopes to get rid of, so she never reveals her family outside, vanity good face, but also to cover up her inner inferiority.According to Xiaoling’s father, xiaoling is not bad to him, she is also very filial, she will send him part of the money earned by working, although rarely home, but often call him to care about him.He also understood his daughter’s good face and never complained.Came to the wedding just want to see what kind of person her daughter married, witness the happiest moment of her daughter, after the wedding to her daughter with a ceremony to leave, and did not intend to stage on the spot.This is a father how simple wish, he is only tens of millions of “buy orange” father of one.The reason for walking to the stage is encouraged by the crowd below.They learned that Sun mou is xiaoling’s father, feel married even father do not please inappropriate, they pushed to let him on the wedding platform, in the face of this “fresh baked” young couple, Sun mou embarrassed do not know what to do, after the money to her daughter, in a hurry to step down.As soon as the video was posted online, many netizens attacked Xiaoling, saying she had no conscience.It is said that a son does not think his mother ugly, and a dog does not think his family poor.Father even if again “dirt”, also brought up her, should not be looked down upon by her.There is no denying that Xiaoling kept her marriage secret from her father, which was really a silent injury to the family who loved her. Although her father did not care about it, he felt bad.Xiaoling did not love her father, but the love was not strong enough to resist the temptation of vanity and face.We can’t choose our birth, we can only try to change the status quo, but escape can’t really eliminate the magic barrier in our hearts, a lie needs countless lies to round, and finally it is just hurting people and hurting yourself.When she abandoned her parents that day, is really lost their own decency, is really lost dignity in her husband’s family.Article 4 of China’s original Marriage Law stipulates: “Husband and wife shall be faithful and respect each other;Family members should respect the old and love the young, help each other and maintain equal, harmonious and civilized marriage and family relations.”Since become a family, then his father is to see sooner or later, she should also have the duty of supporting his father, supporting the elderly is not only money support, but also spiritual comfort.And as long as a family respect and trust each other, to build a harmonious family.Although Xiaoling’s behavior is inappropriate, there is no need to criticize it too much. After all, from the standpoint of the father, he only wants his daughter to be happy, and he does not want to attract a chorus of criticism for her.The so-called parents and children a, just means that you and his fate is this present life constantly in watching his back gradually go gradually far.I hope people can cherish it and don’t regret it until they lose their “back”.(Privacy concerns, the names of the people in this case are all pseudonyms, some pictures are from the Internet, only to match the narrative.Warm reminder: respect the original, please do not copy handling and reprint oh.