The old man said: December 25 to “avoid 3 do 5 eat 2”, meaning people prosperous wealth is also prosperous

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The 25th day of the 12th month in the Lunar calendar is the traditional day to “receive the Jade Emperor”. What is “receive the Jade Emperor”?What are the customs?The old man said: December 25 to “bogey 3 do 5 eat 2”, respectively refers to what?Connecting with the Jade Emperor Connecting with the Jade Emperor is one of the traditional Chinese folk beliefs.Chinese people believe that after the Kitchen God ascends to heaven, the Jade Emperor personally descends to the earth on the 25th day of the 12th lunar month to investigate the good and evil of the world and determine the fortune and fortune of the coming year. Therefore, family sacrifices are held to pray for good, which is called “connect with the Jade Emperor”.At the same time, the Chinese folk meet the Jade Emperor, there are also examples of Taoist ceremonies and sacrifices, such as the baiyun Temple in Beijing to meet the Heaven plate activities, that is, in the New Year’s eve to meet the Jade Emperor ceremony.Second, burn tian CAI according to tian Silkworm, also known as burn tian silkworm, according to tian silkworm, burn tian CAI, is popular in the south of the traditional custom of praying for the New Year, is the 25th night of the twelfth lunar month in the field of mass activities, in order to pray for the next year of rice and silkworm cocoon silk harvest.Some places hold this activity on the New Year’s Eve, which reflects the simple aesthetic taste and pursuit of a better life of the Chinese working people.There are poems that say “this is the most auspicious”, and there are accounting methods, but fan Chengda did not explain, but later records help people understand.Gu Lu “Qing Jia Lu” said, “the flame is high”, is the flame level “account for” whether the harvest.Fang Peng said in kunshan Chronicles that “fire is red and white to occupy water and drought”, and fire is the key.This ancient traditional folk activity has gradually become a source of the custom of watching lanterns in the Lantern Festival.According to the poem “Journey to The Silkworm in The Field” by Fan Chengda in the Southern Song Dynasty, in the night of the 25th day of the last lunar month, “in the village of Wuzhong, there is one thing (miǎo) in which the long pole is bound with bare duds like flace-straw and bamboo branches, so as to light the field and be scattered all over the place, so that one can miao Miao (silky valley)”.Its poem is more image: rural December 25, long rod burning torch according to the south Mu.Approximately cloud open sen column star, as far as the wind from flying fireflies.This spring rain hailcocoons silk less, autumn thunder rice pile is small.Nongjia fire tonight the most bright, know xinsui tian silkworm good.Night wind flame west to east, which accounts for the most difficult.Not only mulberry thief grain peng peng, still more ramie without vegetables without insects.As for the formation of the custom of silkworm according to the field, the author thinks that from the fire burning of the remaining ligustilia grass in the field, to improve the grass for fertilizer and kill pests and improve the efficiency of the field.Three, burn loose basin burn loose basin also known as “sink”.Han Chinese New Year’s Eve exorcism pray auspicious activities.Popular all over the country.Lin ‘an (hangzhou, Zhejiang province) in the Song Dynasty already had this custom.Southern Song Zhou Mi “wu Lin old story” : “(New Year’s eve) to the night GUI basin, red ying Xiao Han.”To the Ming Dynasty, every New Year’s Eve, people worship ancestors and 100 gods, each in the door of the first pine wood into and shape, some high with the house.And then burn with fire, called “grits basin”, if the flame is high is happy, common letter fire warm heat long auspicious omen (see Ming Tian Rucheng “West Lake tour more than”).Beijing also has this custom.Ming Liu Dong, Yu Yizheng “Di Jing scenery slightly” : New Year’s Eve, “night to pine and cypress branches mixed wood liao courtyard, burning pine basin, crone aged also”.The former “burning pine basin” is called “machine basin”, also called “birth basin”, which is to welcome the arrival of the New Year.Four, paste the window some people think, because 24 has swept the dust, 25 to tear the old window paper, will last year’s bad all ripped off, put on a clean new paper, indicating the next year’s new hope, and then paste Spring Festival couplets, fu, and window decoration.So the twelfth lunar month 25th window is to add festival for the Spring Festival, the meaning of the old and the new.Of course, there is no need to paste Windows now, but pasting paper-cuts, pasting fu, hanging couplets is a very common program.People say, “On the 25th day of the 12th lunar month, make tofu by grinding.”According to research, tofu was invented by Liu an, king of Huainan in the Western Han Dynasty.Zhu Xi of the Southern Song Dynasty wrote in his poem “Tofu” : “The seeds of bean beans are thin, exhausted heart has been exhausted, early knowledge of Huainan shu, seated spring cloth.Interestingly, some places still have the custom of eating tofu residue before New Year’s Eve.The reason is that eating tofu residue is actually the ancient productivity is low, there is not so much delicious, but also the ancient people’s thrifty virtue portrayal.In fact, on the 25th day of the 12th lunar month, the word “fu” in Tofu sounds similar to the word “fu” in Chinese. Therefore, tofu represents praying for “fu”, implying a better year.What does “eat two” mean?In fact, this is to take a good luck next year, take the meaning of a rich life, the old Beijing people all hope their family is a home, rich life, do not worry about eating and drinking, saving every year, which is the meaning of well-off.Tofu represents jade food in jade food. Jade is white and tofu is also white, so every family has to grind beans to make tofu, which is ready to be enjoyed during the Spring Festival.Legend of the family festival thought that the coming year to pray for good luck, people this day to live, words and deeds should be careful, strive for good performance, in order to win the favor of the Jade Emperor, the next year and their blessing.Red bean porridge is a must for Spring Festival breakfast, which is called bean tea in Yuyao dialect.Red beans add mixed dumplings, rice cakes, sprinkled with white sugar, brown sugar, to show the head smooth, round and round, ke Ke high school meaning.After eating bean tea, they will pay New Year’s greetings to their elders, also known as “New Year’s greetings”.Elders often say to children “smart wisdom, easy to grow” and such auspicious words, and give “worship money”.The protocol was to go first to my grandmother and uncle, then to other relatives and friends.On the 25th day of the 12th lunar month, people will make porridge with red beans and miscellaneous rice, known as “mouth number porridge”.Song Fan Chengda “the twelfth lunar month village tian Yue Fu ten” preface: “25 days to cook red beans as mi, the evening night with the family, the cloud can prevent the gas, although far away did not return also leave storage mouth points, to swaddling children and servants are all pre-, so the name of the mouth several porridge.So the fifth day of the twelfth lunar month, “Five beans Day” to eat “five beans porridge.”Five bean porridge, namely red beans, soybeans, mung beans, lentils, black beans and rice porridge, spleen, stomach, kidney, lung, fat removal, liver protection, wide bowel, qi, fitness and strength.”Five bean porridge” there will be “green, red, yellow, white and black” five colors of ingredients, meaning five elements, happy.In fact, this saying mainly tells us that the Spring Festival is getting closer and closer after the fifth day of the twelfth lunar month.So on this day, when people finish their “five-bean porridge”, they drink away their troubles from the past.Forget all the troubles, ready to be happy to welcome the arrival of the Spring Festival.What does “avoid three things” mean respectively?One, do not move the bed ancestors think, the twelfth month sweep home when the bed does not move.The spring cleaning, people in the bottom of the bed, there may be a mobile bed, the main purpose is to clean up the accumulated dust under the bed.After moving, some people find that their beds would be better off elsewhere and move them.Ancestors look, when cleaning in the twelfth month, it is not recommended to fight, especially bed this kind of place, or as far as possible with proper, safe, do not change beds easily.The purpose is to have a peaceful bed for a year. This custom is commonly known as “making a bed”. After the worship, the bed cannot move.Twelfth month, is a year, the last month.Why not argue?Not really.Because a year will be over, this time will be angry, that is angry with themselves ah, is what things regret.Will you still need it?Angry, it becomes a useless thing.What we need is a year-end review, and then we can prepare for the New Year.There is no quarrel in the first month, because the first month is the beginning of the year. It is good that we should feel happy and happy to arrange for a good start.Therefore, on this day, we should say lucky words and make our family harmonious.The Traditional Spring Festival begins on the 23rd day of the 12th lunar month and ends on the 15th day of the first lunar month.Spring Festival has many colorful customs, many places will also have some exquisite and taboo.For example, “No door at twenty-nine, no debt collection at thirty.”In some places, if the debtor pasted door gods, Spring Festival couplets and set off firecrackers, the debt collectors could not come to the door to collect debts.Custom holds that if you collect a debt on this day, you will take away all your luck for the year.