The German Committee on Vaccines against Omicron recommended a fourth dose

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The German Vaccine Commission (STIKO) is preparing to recommend a fourth dose of the Novel Coronavirus vaccine, its President, Thomas Mertens, told Funke on Tuesday.Experts recommend only booster shots with vaccines that are already available.The German Vaccine Commission recommended a fourth dose.”We have data from Israel showing that a fourth dose of COVID-19 vaccine significantly improves protection against severe cases, and the committee will make recommendations soon,” said The head of Germany’s vaccination commission, Jan Meertens, Reuters reported.For vaccines that have been modified against the Omicron mutant strain, the German vaccination Commission will have to wait for clinical data on Moderna and Pfizer-Biontech vaccines, Mertens was quoted as saying by Vonk Media Group.Some countries have begun providing additional booster doses, but a recent study in Israel showed that while a fourth dose of the mrnA-BASED CORONAVIRUS vaccine boosted antibodies, it was not enough to protect against the Omicron variant.Israel began a fourth dose of COVID-19 vaccine in December for the most vulnerable high-risk groups.Preliminary results published last month indicated that a fourth dose of the coronavirus vaccine increased antibody levels beyond the third dose, but not enough to prevent infection with the omicron variant.Nevertheless, Israel’s Health Ministry said on January 25 that a government advisory panel had recommended a fourth dose of the vaccine for all adults, and that anyone who had recovered from the infection or had received the third dose for at least five months would be eligible.The German Commission on Vaccination is an independent committee of experts whose work is coordinated by the Robert Koch Institute’s office in the field of vaccination prevention and supported by a systematic analysis of specialized literature.The aim is to be able to adapt vaccination recommendations to new vaccine development and research findings in the best possible way.The German Commission for Vaccination was established in 1972 by the Federal Public Health Office.Because of the importance of its vaccination recommendations, it was incorporated into law in 2001 along with the Infection Protection Act.Since 2007, the vaccinations recommended by the German Vaccination Commission have been the basis of the Federal Joint Commission (G-BA) Vaccination Guidelines (SI-RL) and, with their inclusion in si-RL, the mandatory benefit insurance for statutory health (GKV).(Ouyang Hong)