Tang Set out to return to the UK, the airport tearful thanks to Shuiqingxia trust, Jia Xiuquan

2022-04-27 0 By

Chinese Women’s football team has just finished the Asian Cup journey, with Tang’s wonderful performance 3:It was a great relief for China to win the Asian Women’s Cup for the first time in 16 years, having failed to do so for the past 16 years.In the cold winter is also the flames of Chinese football, known as tang beauty is the core of the Chinese women’s Asian cup final, after three months of training Tang Jiali has become the best player in the Chinese women’s football, now she is the best player in the Chinese women’s football, she also consolidated its position in the team, won the trust of the teammates and coach,After the Experience of the English Premier League, Tang Jiaoli is now more and more stable to occupy the main position of the Chinese women’s football team, and has become one of the core figures in the front court of the Chinese women’s football team.Don’t you know before the Tokyo Olympic Games Tang was defeated and set a shameful record, Jia Xiuquan left in a low mood, jia Xiuquan didn’t feel guilty, he was worthy of Chinese football, Jia Xiuquan’s paranoia at work let Chinese football for the four years of the Olympic Games paid a painful price,Now Tang Jia’s amazing performance in the national team makes us think that Jia Xiuquan really ruined four years of Chinese football youth without Tang Jiaali.After attending the Asian women’s football cup, Tang Jiali will get to the airport to travel to England, the next morning before he left, she also said a few words of deep feeling, with tears Tang Jiali said, now prepared to back to England at the airport, you should work in the lunar calendar September 7th, thank you mom and teammate trust water, she could go back to England and they become teammates, thanks to their support her, to believe in her,Tang Jiali is back, I believe this is not the end but the starting point, through the tearful words of Tang Jiali can feel the current Chinese women’s football team members, China women’s football coach Shui Qingxia express gratitude.Thank you to let her become the main force and core, enough to illustrate Tang Jiali have a grateful heart, her the future of this Chinese women’s football team is full of hope and expectation, she thinks the team won the Asian cup is not the end but a starting point, the future that the Chinese women’s soccer team will be able to reach a higher level, and may in the Olympic Games and the FIFA women’s World Cup in a bigger breakthrough,Through Tang Jiajia seems to see that Jia Xiuquan really delayed the Chinese women’s football team, under the leadership of Shui Qingxia Chinese women’s football team may really turn a new page, it is looking forward to the Chinese women’s football team can officially create brilliant in the next Olympic cycle.