Some ideas and changes under the epidemic

2022-04-27 0 By

This wave of epidemic, some suddenly, like overnight, from south to north, has been everywhere smoke.In the face of the epidemic, in fact, all walks of life have their own difficulties, have their own grievances and helpless about the epidemic, in the whirlpool, no one can escape, no one can avoid, the world of all kinds of fireworks, we fight the epidemic with.It is the weekend, the sun is shining, flowers are flourishing, the world is a thick spring, but the invisible air is somewhat stagnant, “war” atmosphere swept over the town.The old men and women who usually gathered together to chat and bask in the sun disappeared downstairs, replaced by banners and somber-looking volunteers. The community left only one gate for entry and exit, and still conducted inspection layer by layer and screened step by step.Daughter again next week to net the class mode, but my wife and I will be most of the state of mind on the work, little one of a person at home is her biggest test, is not only self survival ability, more important is the test of self-control, how to ensure their learning under the supervision of nobody don’t distraction, I think, it’s a little difficult for her.In order to “prepare”, I had to charge the market and test the capacity of the refrigerator at home to the maximum, WHICH I think is the first choice of most people.On the street “throb” business is still hot, it is season of a year cherry blossom, “throb” rolled out its oneself be tasted new, cherry blossom romance series, the color of pink pink looks very let a person enchanted, the wife is to did not resist temptation eventually, fall into the trap falls in this wave lovely offensive.As a matter of fact, Jidong has also adjusted its strategy. Most of its marketing comes from online, eliminating in-house meals, and most of its contact with customers is through third-party delivery men, which gives me the deepest impression.The strong regularity of life between two points and one line makes me gradually lose touch with the society. However, this wave of epidemic makes me see the rapid adjustment of thinking and marketing mode of businesses, which gives me a little inspiration.Is years ago have heard of a theory, the only constant is change the world, finally at this moment, to refresh my cognition, in order to survive, business has changed the way the inherent, not only phase change, and for many years to form the inherent mode of I, isn’t it time to adapt to and make some necessary changes?The point-to-point life, should we expand our knowledge, just like in the face of the epidemic, we are also constantly changing, it turns out that the whole world has recognized the change, but I just know a little late, should not be too late.Traditional market daily which was bubbling as though, but it is no longer the only option for people to buy food, buy more food APP has roots sprouted in our mobile phones, especially the outbreak arrives, market finally slowly lost its former supremacy, slowly become a little cold and cheerless, the survival of the fast pace of life is not to accept it, then,Where does it go next?It is worth thinking about where we should go from here, which is the most important thing to think about in the context of the epidemic.