Practicing “quality medical care”, Hangzhou New Hair transplant creates transparent and standardized service process

2022-04-27 0 By

With the improvement of economic level, the change of consumption and life concept, people begin to invest more energy and money in themselves, “self-satisfied” consumption has become a new trend of The Times.In addition to buying cosmetics, exercising and reading, medical beauty items such as micro-plastic surgery and hair transplant have become the new favorites of a new generation of consumers in recent years.”It’s not about age, it’s not about gender, it’s about loving yourself.”According to the white Paper of medical Beauty Industry 2021, over 80% of respondents have high acceptance of medical beauty, and the proportion of those who cannot accept medical beauty drops to 0. It is expected that the number of medical beauty users will exceed 20 million in 2022, and the market size of Medical beauty in China is expected to exceed 300 billion yuan by 2024.As most medical beauty projects are generally characterized by high gross profit, more and more enterprises and operators are attracted to join in, among which hair transplantation is a prominent branch in the booming medical beauty market in China.A series of hot searches, such as “When the post-90s start to get hair transplants” and “bald girls walk into hair transplant institutions,” prove the popularity of hair transplants.Hair loss has become a national anxiety, and the hair transplant circuit is getting crowded.Driven by interests, unlicensed medical practice, illegal practice and false publicity emerge one after another. The unfair and opaque competition environment makes the hair transplant market appear a trend of “bad money drives out good money”, which infringes the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and hinders the healthy development of the hair transplant industry.According to the black cat complaints, there were 209 complaints under the keywords of hair transplant. The complaints mainly focused on the poor effect of hair transplant, the gap between postoperative survival rate and the advertised survival rate, and the sequelae of alopecia areata caused by hair transplant.”The hair transplant industry is also a medical industry with high barriers to entry.”Industry insiders said that whether it is to run a business or a licensed doctor, they need relevant qualifications.Due to the rapid development of China’s hair transplant industry, the early supervision has not kept pace with the pace, and the industry is basically in a state of “no threshold”. To change this situation, it is necessary to strengthen the self-discipline of the industry through joint efforts.Recently, The China Consumers Association announced that the theme of the year of Consumer Rights protection in 2022 is “Jointly Creating Consumer Equity”, which clearly proposes to strictly implement laws and regulations to achieve more secure consumer equity.”Consumer protection is a sustainable process.”The president of Hangzhou Xinsheng Hair Transplant pointed out that the preoperative advertising, the compliance of doctors’ qualifications, and the postoperative protection of effects, services, rights protection and other aspects are the bottom line that any institution needs to guard.In order to realize the transparency and standardization of the service process, Hangzhou New Life signs nine major security agreements with each hair transplant friend, including a hair transplant insurance policy.It is reported that Xinsheng is the first hair transplant organization to cooperate with commercial insurance.As a leading organization in the hair transplant industry, Xinsheng hair transplant sees the changing needs of the public and launches a new guaranteed service.Recently, Xinsheng Hair Transplant has reached a strategic cooperation with Zijin Property Insurance Co., LTD. Nanjing Branch to customize hair transplant protection insurance products for each new student, and effectively protect the safety of consumers’ hair transplant.