Emergency search!A contact of an asymptomatic infected person in Shenyang was found in Dandong, Liaoning province

2022-04-27 0 By

On 9 February, a novel coronavirus asymptomatic infection was reported in Shenyang, and one of its close contacts was in Dandong.After preliminary investigation, the close contact and other sub-close contacts have been placed under centralized quarantine.In order to prevent and control COVID-19 in Dandong, Dandong Center for Disease Control and Prevention is now issuing an urgent search and health alert to the general public: The close contact took bus No. 128 on February 8 (the bus company headed to Aimin Street), got on the bus at 16:28 in front of the station, and got off at martyrs’ Cemetery Station.Please report to the community (village), work unit and hotel immediately, take personal protection and wait in place, and cooperate with the community (village) to implement nucleic acid testing, isolation control, health monitoring and other prevention and control measures as soon as possible.Do not leave the city unless necessary, and do not go to the city where the positive person is.In case of fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue, loss of smell and taste, or diarrhea, you should take good precautions and go to the nearest fever clinic (not by public transportation), and truthfully report your travel history and contact history.