Chang Helui, a volunteer of returning College students, said: “Do a good job in volunteering to give back to the hometown of” Chang Hui Chang Xin”

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Chang Helui participated in the Olympic torch relay as a volunteer.”We saw the torchbearers off from Zhangjiakou on February 4, marking the end of the four-day volunteer work.”On February 1, 2022, in the early morning of the first day of the Chinese New Year, Chang Helui entered the closed-loop management of volunteer service for the Torch relay of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games as a volunteer, contributing her youth to the torch relay in Zhangjiakou.At about 10 o ‘clock in the evening of February 2, the winter Olympic flame arrived in Zhangjiakou.Chang Helui and other volunteers together to meet the fire, Shouting “health, joy, vitality” torch relay slogan, experience the fire brought touched.Chang He Rui had the honor of close contact with the torch.On the day of the torch relay, Chang Helui took pictures with the torchbearers, touched and held the torch with his own hands…Chang said it was a special and fulfilling volunteer experience. He felt very honored and proud to witness the arrival of the flame in Zhangjiakou and to provide hotel support for the torch relay. He also felt the atmosphere of the Winter Olympics.Chang Helui is now the site leader of qiaodong Industrial Culture Theme Park in Zhangjiakou city.Chang Helui, a 2020 physics major at the School of Mathematics and Physics of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), is a returning college student serving the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics as a volunteer for zhangjiakou Competition area.In 2019, Chang Helui was preparing for the national college entrance examination, which was also the year when zhangjiakou’s first high-speed railway station was completed, bringing Zhangjiakou into the one-hour commuting circle of the capital.After the college entrance examination, Chang Helui went out to study and felt the “Chinese speed” for the first time.Chang didn’t understand the real meaning of the word “hometown” before he went to college.It was the first time for him to study and live abroad. Only when he went back home every few months did he truly understand what the word “hometown” meant and feel the tremendous changes in the city.”Every time I go back home, I can find many strange elements in the streets of Zhangjiakou. Later I recall that Zhangjiakou has been developing rapidly, but it is hard to feel it when I lived in it before.2020 summer vacation home, shared bikes and shared electric bikes in Zhangjiakou promotion.2020 winter vacation home, intelligent parking building in Zhangjiakou.When chatting with my parents, I learned that Zhangjiakou has opened several new parks and pedestrian streets for public entertainment……”Speaking of changes in Zhangjiakou, Chang Helui seems to open a chatterbox.After volunteering for the Winter Olympics, Chang had a better understanding of the changes in Zhangjiakou.He said that the development and change of Zhangjiakou is inseparable from the joint efforts of every zhangjiakou resident, who jointly created the city image and appearance of Zhangjiakou and promoted the rapid development of Zhangjiakou.Every small change is the result of the concerted efforts of the government and the people.Chang Helui is now the site leader of Qiaodong Industrial Culture Theme Park in Zhangjiakou city. Zhangjiakou Industrial Culture Theme Park is a major tourist attraction in Zhangjiakou city. It is located in the main section of the city center with a large flow of people and is one of the most important sites for volunteer service in the city.Chang is all too familiar with the industrial theme cultural park next to his home. “When I was a child, the land was a vast wasteland, except for the train tracks, just loess blown by the wind.When I was in high school, the land was enclosed. I heard from my parents that they were building a park, but I didn’t pay much attention to it at first. More than a year later, the park was completed and put into use.”The torch relay for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games takes place at the Zhangjiakou Industrial and cultural theme park in Zhangjiakou, hebei province, Feb 3, 2022.Chang Herui can not help but proudly expressed that the historical fabric of railway ties and zhangjiakou industrial civilization here intersection dialogue, very proud zhangjiakou can have such a park.Chang Helui participated in the city volunteer training.During the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, volunteers will provide personnel guidance, information consultation, language service, civilization publicity, emergency assistance and other services at the industrial culture theme park to help ensure the orderly operation of the city and show the good image of Zhangjiakou.As the site leader, Chang Helui is also responsible for volunteer post arrangement and personnel scheduling, and daily work records and reports.Coordinate team members to execute emergency plan and report to dispatch center in case of emergency.Chang Herui told reporters that in the process of volunteer training, every imaginable special situation has a detailed response plan.”What should volunteers do if tourists ask them to take photos during the service period? What should volunteers do if they have an emergency or their family members have cough and fever before they come to work?I was amazed at the thoughtfulness of every detail, “chang said.In order to serve the Winter Olympic Games in the best state, Chang Began to strengthen the learning of English and knowledge related to the Winter Olympics after signing up as a volunteer, and never let up by using small programs to complete the daily learning of oral English and knowledge of the Winter Olympics in the volunteer learning group.After the clock-in period, Chang’s total score ranked second among more than 400 volunteers.His excellent performance is inseparable from his efforts. During school, Chang Helui actively participated in online training held by many provinces, cities and districts.In addition, I participated in the basketball team training of the college and kept in good physical condition and health. I was strong enough to cope with the cold weather during my volunteer service.After returning to Zhangjiakou every vacation, I have never missed any meetings, offline training and drills.In many trainings and drills, Chang Helui learned a lot of unknown knowledge and improved his quality and ability.During the total element exercise, Chang Helui gave directions to passers-by.In fact, Chang Helui is enthusiastic about public welfare at ordinary times and often participates in volunteer service activities at school.As a student majoring in physics, I participated in the activity of “Walking into the Laboratory” in the school’s Mathematical and Mathematical Culture season, demonstrating and explaining interesting physics experiments to all teachers and students.As a member of the astronomy Enthusiasts’ Association of the university, I participated in the activities of setting up booths and roadside astronomical observation, popularizing astronomy knowledge for teachers and students, as well as residents and children on campus.As a student cadre of the new media center of the college, participated in the volunteer service of welcoming freshmen.As a native of Zhangjiakou, Chang always hopes to make his own contribution to the city.He says he sees it as a way to give back to his hometown, whether it’s helping those in need or helping lift the spirit of the city.(Zhao Ronghao) Pay attention to Hebei News network, know the latest news in Hebei.