A senior engineer in Fujian makes snacks as a sideline, selling 10 cakes for 12 yuan, earning far more than his salary

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There is a delicious food in Fuzhou, Fujian Province. At first glance, it is almost the same as the northern shao bing, but in fact, it is very different in practice and taste. It is very attractive and makes one’s mouth water.Let’s go and see!This shop opened in Fuzhou, Fujian, is a small shop, the boss of a high degree, this is just his sideline, he is a senior engineer, the annual salary is 500,000-1 million, his wife is working in the hospital, the salary is also good, so why have such a good job to do sideline?The owner said he had two reasons for his side business. One was the high cost of having three children at home, and the other was that he already enjoyed studying food.Although he is doing sideline business, his business is not generally popular, every day line of people in an endless stream, his daily turnover reached 2000, higher than his salary!Delicious green onion cake The snack they sell is called “green onion cake”. It looks like the pancake from the north, but the taste is quite different!In terms of taste, this kind of cake is thin and crisp, the skin is very thin, a bite on the crisp, there are Onions and meat fragrance, eat up a very satisfying!In practice is very complex, it can be said that it is a combination of dumplings, buns, baked cakes and made of products!First of all, its skin is rolled out thinner than the skin, fast and steady, a few seconds.Secondly, to the bread stuffing in the skin, the stuffing is not the general stuffing, but pork, scallions, pickles mixed, especially rich, very fragrant, if you gently tear the skin, there is a strong fragrance, especially appetising!Wrapping method and filling soup bag bag method, like a flower, very beautiful!Finally, put the cake into a barrel oven to bake, about ten minutes, you can obviously see a onion cake in the naked eye swell up, very novel!Do the green onion cake appearance level bar!The golden surface is covered with sesame seeds!Especially pleasing, the fist size of the onion cake only sold 10 yuan 12, special par, and there are meat meat, it can be seen that the boss is a very conscience of the good man!