Xianning technology vocational technology college has what major

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Xianning Vocational and Technical College specializes in engineering measurement technology, cosmetics technology and management, biological pharmaceutical technology, mechanical design and manufacturing, mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance and management, automobile testing and maintenance technology, etc.1, first of all, learn about Xianning Vocational and technical College.Xianning Vocational and Technical College, located in Xianning City, Hubei Province, is a full-time public comprehensive vocational college held by the People’s government of Hubei Province.Xianning Vocational and technical College predecessor is founded in 1965 xianning Finance school, 2020, by the original Xianning Education college, Xianning finance and trade business management school, Xianning finance and tax accounting school, Xianning applied science and technology school, Xianning sports school, Xianning gymnasium and other six units merged to form Xianning vocational and technical College.2, vocational and technical college is a type of ordinary colleges and universities in China, with a full-time college level vocational education as the main content, the schooling is usually for three years, in common the university entrance exam admission in order for the national unified college (vocational) batches, and “three school life” (vocational high school, secondary vocational schools, secondary vocational school) single exam admission of colleges and universities.3. Finally, look at the dormitory of Xianning Vocational and technical College.The school environment is elegant, complete living facilities, with good living conditions.The student apartment is managed as an apartment, with 6 people per room. Each dormitory is equipped with beds, desks, lockers, air conditioners and network interfaces.There are monitoring systems around the apartment building and in the walkway.