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The fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival is the Lantern Festival, think of this day often directly jump out of the picture is: there is a bright full moon hanging in the black and brown mottled qiu zhi, dark blue night sky is moonlight reflected bright.Many children played in the streets with flashing lanterns, while adults followed to enjoy the last days of the Festival, chatting and admiring the moon.In my memory of the Lantern Festival there are two main scenes can not forget for a long time.The first scene is a long time ago, when I was young, I would hang out with my friends in the village on the Lantern Festival with a lantern made out of a wine box.The material for making lanterns is left over from wine boxes, usually rectangular ones, when visiting relatives or entertaining guests during the Spring Festival.My sister and I will pick out their favorite colors, sometimes red, sometimes blue.Then the two of us would discuss drawing shapes or pictures we liked with a pencil on the side of the wine box.Sometimes the edges of a triangle join the angles of the next triangle in series;Sometimes a painting of two flowers, just a few petals;Sometimes they draw little animals that don’t look like them.The most commonly drawn pattern is the shape of a house. We often draw a square or rectangle first, and then draw a triangle along a side to form a pointy house…The contents were varied, but they were made with two simple tools: a pin and a candle.My sister and I would heat the end of the big head on a lit candle, and then Pierce through the wine box at seemingly equal intervals along the drawn lines. Small round holes would be neatly arranged on the wine box to form our favorite pattern.Etc. We put all the graphics are ok, mom would be at the bottom of the wine box with two broad bamboo chopsticks, cross into the shape of a cross, and then pointed at both ends with chopsticks to penetrate the lower end of the box fixed, and then at the intersection with wax is fixed on a red candle, this time to make our own design of the lantern has already begun to take shape.Finally, mother will be at the other end of the wine box, with four red wool rope along the top of the wine box on all sides of the small hole through the past, make a hard knot fixed, and then the four red rope on the four sides of the four together tied to a long bamboo chopsticks.Our lanterns are ready.From the night of the 13th of the first month, my friends and I will meet to play lanterns in the street, compare whose lanterns are bright, compare whose lanterns are reflected on the road patterns and shapes more beautiful, completely regardless of the big round moon in the sky.We would talk quietly until we had gone round and round, until grown-ups shouted for us to go home and get warm.This kind of activities will continue until the 16th day of the first lunar month, these days of the evening is our happy time, also occupy my good memories of the Lantern Festival.Do lanterns, lanterns is my childhood to the Lantern Festival all yearning, than eating sweet dumplings make me happy!The second unforgettable scene of the Lantern Festival is the memory of going to people’s Park to enjoy the lanterns with my parents when I was a child.Just remember it was very cold, I will wear cotton dun dun, tightly by my father in his arms, my mother holding my little hand walking in my father’s side.We with the bustling crowd into the park gate, only remember the road on both sides of the road are bright small lights, flashing red, yellow, blue…All colors of light.The park’s main square will be placed with a lot of interesting modeling of the big lights: there will move with a golden staff, standing in the middle of the pink lotus Sun Wukong;There are bright, glittering dragons with tails that swing from side to side;There are Nezha’s third prince, his surroundings should be misty;Pig eight quit back daughter-in-law;There are twelve zodiac lanterns…All kinds of lanterns get crowded, a crystal.All kinds of people pointed at the lanterns and commented loudly.My eyes and ears are so busy!In my memory, how bright the lights were at that time, how happy the people were at that time.Even around the noisy also can not cover up my heart of excitement and happiness…Today, before the Lantern Festival arrives, lanterns of all colors are already crowded in the market.Some are made of plastic, some are painted on colored paper;There are hollow transparent, there are Mosaic splicing;There are all kinds of cartoon shapes of small animals, there are all kinds of characters in fairy tales, there are fashionable and beautiful modern modeling……Each kind of lantern not only presses the battery to flash the light, but also can play the light sweet music.The place where children play with lights has also been moved to the courtyard and the park.In the park on the square with lights out of the seven lights bridge, color arch door.The radio and television tower in the distance played the colorful colorful lamp posts, shining on the bright full moon, shining on the sparkling water, shining on the trees, attracting people to stop and appreciate the photos.Times are changing, life is changing, the Lantern Festival is changing.When we are young, our happiness is simple and pure, adult our happiness is back to nature, the day is getting better and better, our happy smile has been hanging on the face, in the heart.Author: Ying Zhang, female, jiaozuo Shanyang district, an education worker, like reading, like writing, writing and education and teaching related papers many awards, writing “home”, “color of education” and other articles published in Jiaozuo daily and Jiaozuo evening news.Click here to read off from | | Ying morning glory | | ying cheung quilting | | Zhang Yingxue daydream | in the | ying cheung manuscript requires original email 3182529240