Dongda Village, Datan Town, Minqin County: Every family keeps sheep on Benfu Road

2022-04-25 0 By

On February 10, in Dongda Village, Datan Town, Minqin County, “sheep mother” Zhao Fengzhen got up early to feed the sheep in her enclosure.”The base ewes are more than 150 and the lambs are now more than 50-60.”Looking at a well-fed sheep, Zhao Fengzhen was full of joy.In the second community of Dongda Village where Zhao Fengzhen lives, every household raises sheep, with 20 permanent households. The basic ewes have been kept above 1,000 for a long time.”A few years ago, every family in the community also raised sheep, small scale, raising local sheep, basically in a state of self-production and self-marketing.”Zhang Shengbin, the president of the second society, spoke of the development of sheep raising industry in the society with a full face of pride: “Now every family is a breed of sheep, dolper, small tail han sheep, Hu sheep and other several breeds, the whole society has about 150 farmers have 4 or 5, who do not have 70 or 80 sheep feel embarrassed to say that they are raising sheep.”If ershe is the sheep raising community of Dongda Village, dongda Village is the sheep raising village of the whole Town of Datan.By vigorously developing the mutton sheep breeding industry in accordance with local conditions, and implementing the “five good” supporting technology of good seed, good house, good medicine, good material and good law, Dongda Village has constantly widened the way to increase the income of the masses and become rich. The whole village has shown a good momentum of “large households with small households and households with a ratio of scale”.Dongda village sheep farmers home Liang Xia taken “our village now goats professional a model household has 130, worth based raise sheep in more than 40, one, two clubs part than in 150, farmers raise sheep quantity based ewes than in 80, according to each base ewes such two lamb, such quantity in 160 or so,Based on the price of 700 yuan per lamb, the income from raising sheep alone is more than 100,000 yuan.By comparison, every two base ewes is equal to one acre of field crop income.”Dongda Village party branch deputy secretary Li Bolin said.Reporter: Lu Wulin liang Xia