Actor Li Ruotong, who lived with a wealthy businessman for 10 years but was broken up, got married at 56 because of fate

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She was the “little Dragon Lady” in the 1998 version of The Return of the Condor Heroes.All in white, all in the air.She is also called “the most beautiful Xiaolongnu”. She is actress Li Ruotong.Li Ruotong has had several failed romances.She lived with a rich businessman for 10 years and was broken up. She lived alone at 56.Li Ruotong (original name Li Huixian) was born in an ordinary family in Hong Kong.She was the seventh of ten children.Since childhood, Li Ruotong has been very beautiful, and her facial features are a bit like hybrid blood.For this reason, many people say she was found.However, Li Ruotong ignored it.She always knew she was mom and Dad’s, not that she found it.Li Ruotong loves her parents very much and knows how to make handmade pens to support her family at an early age.Street, a girl selling craft pens.Because she is beautiful, business is actually good.The girl is Li Ruotong.After graduating from high school, Li ruotong went to work as a flight attendant.Li Ruotong grew into a big beauty, surrounded by many suitors.Li Ruotong fell in love with her classmate.He is a handsome boy.Once, two people go shopping.Li Ruotong was discovered by talent scouts, invited to shoot advertising.Li Ruotong has done several commercials.I even turned down my boyfriend for a few commercials.When her boyfriend’s complaints against her grew, they broke up.Li Ruotong is very sad, but also very remorse.That’s when she was approached by a director.She quit her job as a flight attendant to get out of here.Li Ruotong, 27, has become an actor.She made Burning red Lotus Temple, Spark of Youth, Flying Tiger Ambition and so on.Li Ruotong quickly walked out of the shadow of brokenhearted love.Because she met someone new.Li ruotong’s boyfriend is Ji Tiansheng.They work for the same company.As soon as Li Ruotong entered the company, he caught his eye.He thought the woman was so beautiful that he liked her.Later, he began to quietly pay attention to her life.Once, Li Ruotong was said for some unknown reason.She walked out of the boss’s office with red eyes as if she had been crying.Ji tiansheng knew she was in a bad mood, so he invited her to drink coffee.Ji tiansheng handed Li a cup of hot cocoa.He said: ‘Having a cup of hot cocoa on a bad day will make you feel better.’Li Ruotong felt that the man was very gentle.Later, the two worked together on The Burning of Honglian Temple.He was nice to her on the set, too.Anything she doesn’t know, she asks him.He also taught her patiently, and Li ruotong thought he had a good temper.Since then, the two have been together.Li Ruotong shot “Shencondor Heroes” after the fire, resources.She also made “Inside Agent,” “A Matter of Urgency,” “Dragon Eight parts” and so on.He became a popular star.But Ji tiansheng is still a small actor.Seeing his girlfriend better than himself, he worried all day that he did not deserve her.After four years together, Mr Ji went to the US to do business.They spent less time together and more time apart.Ji tiansheng married and had a new family in the United States.Former lovers, forget in the river’s lake.Li Ruotong likes to fall in love, can afford to put down.Dare to love or hate, that’s her character.Li Ruotong got to know Guo Yingquan at a party.The man, 20 years her senior, was a wealthy businessman.Dressed in a suit and tie, mature.Li fell in love with him at first sight.She would change anything for him.After two people are together, Guo Yingquan goes to cast to explore a class.Li Ruotong originally thought that Guo Yingquan finally had time to visit her.She should be on her best behavior.So it was very serious, and it was a very good kiss.Guo Yingquan was not very happy, black face away.After going home.Guo yingquan told Li: “I don’t want you to work in the film. I don’t want to see you contact other actors.”That was the heyday of Li Ruotong’s career.If you give up your career, you lose a lot of resources.However, Li Ruotong for him, or stopped working.A lot of directors wanted to cast her, but they couldn’t find anyone.Originally, Li Ruotong retired for love.She disappeared from the screen, moved into Guo Yingquan’s home, began to live together.Li Ruotong is a beautiful woman who likes to wear bright nail polish.However, Guo Yingquan did not like it.Once, two people go to dinner.Guo yingquan looked at the brightly colored nail polish on her hands.He just said, “Not pretty.”Since then, Li has never worn bright nail polish.Guo yingquan wants her to dress more maturely.Li Ruotong dresses up to cater to her boyfriend.Li Ruotong’s love is too humble.Every Spring Festival, Li Ruotong wants to go home and spend it with his family.Guo Yingquan took Li Ruotong home in advance.Let her want to walk also can’t walk, she had to accompany him and her family together for the New Year.Guo yingquan even felt that this was what she should do.Every time Guo Yingquan is in a bad mood, he will break up.Each time, Li ruotong was hard to retain.They lived together for 10 years without getting married, like husband and wife but not like husband and wife.Every time Guo yingquan went to a party, he would come home very late.But no matter how late you get home, there’s always a light on.That’s the lamp Li Ruotong left for him.She had to wait for him to come home before she could fall asleep.When Guo Yingquan was drunk, she took care of him and made him sober soup.Li Ruotong so good woman, Guo Yingquan do not cherish.After 10 years of cohabitation, Guo Yingquan broke up.Li Ruotong saw him this time so seriously, is really want to separate with her.But she still don’t want to break up, she let Guo Yingquan give yourself a chance.For a month after they broke up, they ate dinner once a week.A month later, if he still want to break up, she will not pester.A week after the breakup, the two were sitting in a restaurant, silent.Two more dinners followed, both ending in silence.A month later, the two sat down at the dinner table again.This time Guo should finally speak, but what he said was the last thing she wanted to hear.He said, “Do I have to stop looking for you?”This 10-year relationship, it’s over.In her 40s, Li Ruotong is single again.She suddenly woke up and regretted giving up her career for love.She has since made a comeback to acting.She also made “Fight the Sky”, “Chen Qing Order”, “Try the World” and so on.Li ruotong, 56, is still unmarried.Mother was so worried about her marriage that she started sending her on blind dates.Li Ruotong went on blind dates twice but failed.Others like her, but she doesn’t like others.She felt that marriage was a matter of fate.She’s been waiting for the one she’s meant to be with.But she’s 56, and she hasn’t.Li ruotong loves children and had always wanted one.But Guo Yingquan disagreed.She adopted a child with her sister.Li ruotong has been taking care of her daughter and growing up with her all these years.Li ruotong also likes to work out and is in good shape.So at 56, she still looks young, like a woman in her early 30s.I hope she finds the one soon.