On the second day of the lunar New Year, we prepared lunch like this. What do you think

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Yesterday was the second day of the Lunar New Year, the day the girl went home.Yesterday’s lunch, we are prepared like this, we four sisters, each from home to bring three dishes, each dish loaded with two dishes, more than 11 o ‘clock in my mother’s home only hot steamed bread can.You don’t say the second day of the Chinese New Year back home, lunch, we prepare lunch like this, I feel really good.After lunch on the first day of the first year, we four sisters reported the menu from the smallest, in principle, the dishes we prepared are not the same.At half past ten yesterday morning, four of us took the food to mom’s house.Mother saw the sample number so many dishes, happily said, this year you think this way is good, before we didn’t think of it?Yes, usually on the second day of the Chinese New Year, at least three of us would be busy for a whole morning to get the lunch ready.There are a lot of things to prepare before that.More than 20 days away from the Chinese New Year, dad began to buy things for the Chinese New Year, then, to fill sausage, make pig skin frozen, two or three days before the Chinese New Year began to fry coupled fried belt fish, stew chicken and so on.It was so much trouble to prepare a proper lunch in those years.The preparation work of the New Year, my parents have not prepared for five years, they are old, legs and feet are not very convenient, we do not let them prepare.A few years ago, on the second day of the year, we all went to mom’s house at 8 o ‘clock and began to prepare lunch.Really busy, a morning to prepare meals, delicious dishes on the table, less than an hour to eat, think of this meal is really not easy.The sisters tried to sit down and talk, but it was impossible because there were so many living things waiting for them.On the second day of this year’s lunar New Year, we went to mom’s house with vegetables from home. Because we didn’t have to cook, the sisters sat down and talked with mom and dad and talked about something interesting that they knew.At this moment, I think mom and dad are the most happy, the most happy time, from their childlike laughter, we can feel this point.At noon yesterday, 23 of us got together at mom and dad’s house. When the food was put on the table, we felt very satisfied. The food was really rich.We ate and talked, and we had a great time, and we’ll do it again next year.Smart friends, do you think it’s great that we prepare for lunch on the second day of the Chinese New Year?Author xiaomin, the original is not easy, please cherish, declined handling and plagiarism!Thank you for meeting!Thank you!